Hockey Club "GEPARDY" plans to actively participate in the international hockey games!

Hockey Club "GEPARDY" is looking for partners from all over the

world for hockey matches!

"Feel sorry for people who are indifferent to sport. It seems that they improverish their lives. Whato about me... I would say: start life over - choose the path of a coach again. Because it's a damn interesting profession - to educate people with strong body and spirit." (Anatoly Tarasov)

Children and youth hockey club "GEPARDY" focuses on the Anatoly Tarasov's training system.

The purpose of the youth hockey club "GEPARDY" is that our young students' love to the hockey will grow along with technology, physical training and the desire to improve! Task for trainers of Hockey club "GEPARDY" is to do so, that student, performing a huge array of work, do not sacrifice this interest in and love to hockey!

That is why our hockey club is aimed at international activities and participation not only in Russian competitions, but in the international matches with the teams from different countries. Therefore, one of our main tasks of our hockey club is to train and bring up hockey players, who will participate in world-class events!

Hockey club "GEPARDY" practices different types of training for children with different skills of skating and stick skills. The lessons are conducted in small groups consisting of several people – so you can compare your achievements with friends at the same time, each student is given sufficient time.

  • Training according to the individual plan will help to reveal the strength of a player.
  • The self-study will help to get rid of the disadvantages.
  • Control of a specialist will correctly dose the load.
  • An experienced coach will tell you what is the best time to alternate exercises.
  • Individual work forms discipline and self-control.
  • It is impossible to reach great heights without independent work.

Individual lessons according to the plan drawn up together with the coach is an ideal solution for improving the class of hockey. It so happens that one player limps technique, another need to tighten endurance, the third needs to work on speed. All these problems cannot be solved in group classes, so for children, who want to achieve really great results, independent training is very necessary. Classes under the guidance of coaches of children and youth hockey club "GEPARDY" - the best choice for those who aspire to the heights of hockey skill!

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